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Freshspace work with organisations with content generation, web design and digital marketing requirements across Cumbria and beyond:

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Setting the visual framework for what you are trying to present is one thing but how do you then fill it to make sure your ideas are communicated well? That they are meaningful to the end audience? It means ‘using your words’ which is fine if you are ‘at one with your words’. It’s not uncommon to struggle to express the one thing you are most passionate about. Sometimes its easier in person but you don’t always have that luxury. First impressions are likely to come from your website or marketing material so you need to get it right. You need people who can take your idea and the passion behind it, and put it in words that present you as your best.

Website ContenT

An aesthetically pleasing website is crucial. Some websites lend themselves to being more imagery led, with little to say as the story is very much in the brand. Others take explanation with complexities that could never be explained visually without the support of text. Understanding this balance takes time. As does finding the confidence that you are the right person to write the text. When it’s far from your vocation or you simply do not have the inclination to sit down and write about it we are there to help. We love to hear the story behind the business, to get to know our clients. Just by doing so we can start to draw the content for a website together in a way that is meaningful to the visitor but also tells the story so that it fits your brand. We want to tell the story in the right voice, to the right audience.

Words for Marketing

Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.

Rudyard Kipling

Marketing is not a true science. Numerous blog articles are released every day telling us how to market our businesses and enterprises with quick fix solutions. Multiple strands of communication are suggested – showcase what you do but use wit and humour, although keep it professional and share useful information relevant to the sector but don’t be too serious… Have you thought about images of baby animals? Everything we are told seems to be contradictory and requires a balance that it is assumed will come second nature. This is where we can help. We specialise in wording and strategy meaning that you will never be short on expertise to shape an effective strategy campaign. Plus to support it all we don’t have a generic approach, we take the time to understand you and your market.

Refining your Brand

When you have a nugget of an idea, plus real passion it can grow quicker than you feel ready for it to. Somewhere along the journey as your idea develops and extends you can find yourself with a chaotic explanation of something that is actually quite brilliant and simple. The first step in growth is often reviewing the brand and how it is presented. It is also to make sure there is a consistent voice in all material that relates back to what you are trying to achieve. We can help you step back to that initial concept, identify where it’s improved and ensure it is communicated meaningfully. There is a warmth in understanding the transformation from the initial acorn to the grand oak tree in all its strength. However, to gain confidence in your market you want to present something which is not in its infancy but is growing (if not grown) to something magnificent.

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