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Freshspace work with a diverse range of clients offering a range of services from Business Development to Web Design, integral to these services is Project Management:

  • Project Startup
  • Project Management
  • Project Rescue

There are a number of definitions of ‘project’ but few which are likely to reflect what your project means to you. It is the vision that your project will go swimmingly, delivering the outcomes that you anticipate on time and within budget. However, the reality is often a little different and that is when your management of the situation really comes into play. Life is full of the unexpected. Sometimes we know how to handle this, sometimes we don’t. Allowing someone else to come in and look at things from a different perspective can be key to project success.

Project Startup

We can help with this; we work closely with people to establish a clear strategy and project plan. Working flexibly with you, we can quietly advise from the sidelines or we can fully integrate ourselves in your project start-up. Either way we want to help you ensure all ducks are in a row to aid you in your success.

Project Management

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Steve Jobs

We understand the importance of good project management. We also understand that the planning and management of a project can be a full-time job when what you really want to be doing is enjoying what you have been gearing up to achieve. Sometimes people dismiss the importance of project management but the absence of it is quickly felt if things go wrong. Having someone experienced in the background, looking after the finer details around the organisation to ensure things run to time and budget, can benefit a project massively and allow those involved to focus their efforts on the work required to reach that end point.

Being PRINCE II and SCRUM accredited, Freshspace are in a strong position to support and manage your project.

Project Rescue

Unfortunately at times business relationships don’t work out, for clients this can be a tricky time; they’ve either got a  project on the go that needs completing or a project that’s been finished but either doesn’t meet expectations or doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. Ultimately for clients they need their ‘project’ to work and deliver the solution to their own customers.

To get a project back on track means understanding what the end result was meant to achieve from your point of view, what it actually achieves and what’s missing. When a project needs rescuing it doesn’t always mean there’s a technical issue but can be as simple as miscommunication. Freshspace take the time to get to know you, your needs and requirements and get your project back on track.

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