Geeky Import Stuff with WordPress

Of late we’ve worked on a number of websites that have required managing imports of 100’s if not 1000’s of products to WordPress sites. It’s been an interesting learning curve for us both and means we’ve got another feather in our caps when it comes to helping clients with their business needs.

Email Marketing for Brokk UK

With a selection of very specialist demolition products Brokk UK rely on attending exhibitions to showcase their product range and engaging with their potential customer base. Attendance at these events is crucial to the success of this sales strategy. Previously Brokk UK relied on more traditional ways of letting people know in advance about their… Continue reading Email Marketing for Brokk UK

Working on the doorstep…

…or that’s what Bryn seems to want to do this fine Monday morning. Well it’s officially our first day back after a great break in Crete and as much as we’d love to sit basking in the sun there’s work to be done.