Thinking differently about the way we rent commercial property


Frustration with conventional arrangements around leasing commercial property and the impact this has on young businesses led to the launch of Freshspaceb2b by successful businessman Sean Cafferty. The very concept of the business was an online community where both tenants and businesses could agree flexible leasing arrangements. As an online business, a logo and website to fit the brand were paramount to get it off the ground.

While some inspiration could be sought from similar concepts, it was clear that Freshspaceb2b would need a presence which fit with the unique, flexible feel of the brand. There was a lot to pull apart; from how the business would be profitable, how to suitably combine the passion and enthusiasm behind the business with the forefront of the website, and the scale of success the website would be able to accommodate.

Our Solution for Freshspaceb2b

From the beginning we worked closely with the Freshspaceb2b team, and we were involved in discussions from the early infancy of the business. Understanding the passion and inspiration behind this fresh idea really helped us to get on board and understand from the beginning that this project would require some trial and error. Designing a website which was stylish and inspired fresh ideas was key to these conversations, as was the scalability of what was initially built as it was always clear there was some continued feeling 'the sky is the limit'. It was to be young but with a quality feel, professional yet breaking the mould.

Using WordPress, our CMS (Content Management System) of choice, we setup an easy-to-use secure login and listing profile for landlords who signed up to Freshspaceb2b, the website enables individuals to ‘self list’ their own spaces simply. In the website build, we explored many functionalities including a separate login for those looking for business spaces, filtering on concepts of how space could be used (e.g. hot desking, collaborative working space, storage, and a kitchen showroom as a popup restaurant), filtering geographically, listing property features such as WiFi.

Still within the first year of business, we continue to work with Freshpaceb2b in testing what works and developing new ideas. Also now listing a property in Majorca there are clear ambitions for this to be a global business, and the site continues to cope and flex with these changes. The website proves to be adaptable and develop as the concept are revised, with the overall aim of completely transforming how landlords and tenants interact with each other when it comes to business space. Let’s think differently about business space.

"Darren and Eilidh are brilliant to work with. They are of course creative, but most of all they listen to what you want and are extremely patient. We would 100% recommend them to anyone wanting a first class website."